James L. Druffner : : Certified Public Accountant · Certified Financial Planner™ · Certified Management Accountant

Focus. Plan. Enjoy.


At Lotus Financial Services, our goal is your peace of mind.

Life is much more successful and much less stressful when you plan things out in advance, and then you execute that plan over the short-term and the long-term. Whether it's planning months ahead for next year's income taxes, a big capital expenditure at your business, or the purchase of a new home … or planning decades ahead for education expenses or retirement, our services cover the gamut. We help our clients focus on their own goals, put together a plan to achieve those goals, and enjoy the peace of mind that results from a life well planned.

We believe that professional financial services centered on our client's own personal goals and offered with an integrated, holistic approach can make all the difference.

Life-changing events like marriage, divorce, the end of a job or career, the loss of a loved one, an inheritance, the birth of a child or a career advancement are key moments in your emotional life. These are key moments in your financial life as well, and the way they are managed can have a lasting impact on final financial outcomes … and, more importantly, on the final outcomes of your personal life goals.

Contact Jim Druffner at 435-649-4592 or jim@druffner.com today. The real journey is not about money. It's about you.